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goebels figurinesThe inspiration for Swarovski crystals began after Daniel Swarovski took an apprenticeship at his father’s glass cutting factory. He patented a glass faceting machine in 1892 that cuts crystal glass using electricity. He got the idea to use electricity after visiting the First Electrical Exhibition and seeing the advancement of technology presented by Edison.

He later founded the Swarovski Company with Armand Kosman and Franz Weis that specialized in cutting crystals automatically. The use of fine crystals and precision cutting made the Swarovski name infamous. The crystal became flawless after five years of trying different formulas. Daniel’s three sons chose to follow in their father footsteps and did most of the research for the formulas. They worked to create a flawless crystal appearance that were used for quality jewelry stones. The stones were made efficiently and precisely.

In the 1920s Swarovski beads and stones rapidly became popular in the fashion world. This caused that popularity to spread worldwide. Fashion designers that are still popular today utilized the stones to make costume jewelry that was even then a fashion requirement. It stayed important in the fashion industry influencing necklaces, pins, earrings, shoes, handbags and dresses. Daniel’s grandson, Manfred Swarovski, worked personally with Christian Dior to perfect the process of giving the stones a rainbow sparkle.

goebels figurines

The success and growth of Swarovski beads, stones and crystals continued into several different uses. It was used for everything from fashion and jewelry to sculptures and chandelier parts. In 1974, Max Schreck who was a designer made a mouse from a Swarovski chandelier part. This was the beginning of the crystal animal figurines. The most famous figurine being the crystal lovebirds. Swarovski soon became a decorative item seen in everyday households hanging from the ceiling and sitting on mantles. Today the use of Swarovski is truly endless. A recent partnership of the company’s has lead to the creation of Swarovski Sedar Curtains which are extremely popular in Gulf countries. The curtains are draped with Swarovski crystals and used to decorate palaces, mansions and residences of overseas government officials.

There are currently thirteen subsidiary companies under the Swarovski Company that manufacture from light fixtures to high-precision optics. To celebrate the company’s one hundred year anniversary and to pay tribute to Daniel Swarovski the company built Kristallwelten, “The Swarovski Crystal Worlds”. It is an indoor theme park that welcomes you with an giant grass covered head with eyes of crystals. The head doubles as a fountain spouting water from its mouth. Crystals Worlds is a large exhibit of different type of Swarovski crystals and things that are inspired by them housing twelve tons of premium cut crystals and stones. The building includes a crystal dome ceiling that gives the illusion of being inside of a crystal. There is also a crystal theater that has a fairytale world of color and mysterious adventures.

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